Printable Maxwell House Single Serve Coupon – June 2013

New Maxwell house coupon for June Save $1 off Single serve K cups

New Maxwell house coupon for June Save $1 off Single serve K cups

There are two new Maxwell House coffee coupons for June 2013, last month I wasn’t able to find any so I’m excited to find these this month. The first one will save you $1 off Maxwell House single serve products and the second one is for a free sample.

To get the Maxwell house coupon you will need to visit and scroll all the way down to the

bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page you will see the coffee coupon I’ve posted below for Maxwell House. Send me a message if your not able to find it and I’ll try to help!

Next up is the free K – Cup sample pack of Maxwell coffee. To get your free sample you need to visit Once there you need to play a game where you drag the magnets around to create your “House Rule Phase” Once you’ve made it click the save button you can now click on the “get my sample” button. You’ll need to fill out the form including your mailing address so they can send you your coffee sample.

Free sample of Maxwell house coffee

Free sample of Maxwell house coffee

I’d love to hear from anyone else who has found any other coffee coupons they can be for Maxwell house or any other brand. Share them on our Facebook wall or below this post and I’ll add them the next time I’m on!

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