Melitta Coffee Coupons – August 2012

As you know I just love Melitta coffee and always stock up on it when I get the chance. This month, August is no exception the Melitta coupon I have for you will save you $1 off any 8oz can or larger of Melitta Coffee. As the evenings are getting darker sooner I have been enjoying a nice cup of coffee after dinner sitting out on our deck. We have a wonderful view of the sun going down and turning the sky pink and red most evenings. Sipping on a wonderful cup of coffee makes this event really enjoyable.

You can visit this link to print off your Melitta coffee coupon:

I did a little research on this company for you and want to share what I found with you. Isn’t it funny that we often take things for granted and don’t always realize where the things we use everyday actually come from. For instance the coffee filter was invented by a woman, great stuff! She was just a regular housewife who turned into a prominent business woman.

Melitta is a German based company that produces coffee, coffee filters and coffee machines  and is actually named after Mellita Bentz after she invented the drip brew paper coffee filter on July 8, 1908. By 1930 this filter had been redesigned into the cone design that we are familiar with today!

In 1989 the company introduced the first brown paper coffee filter made from unbleached pulp. This helped keep unwanted chemicals out of the coffee brewing process.  By 1992 the company had developed a process to turn these brown filters into white ones, which are considerably more popular.  In 2007 Melitta introduced Bamboo filters.

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