Folgers Coffee Coupons for December 2011

This month, I got to thinking. I have a friend who doesn’t even like coffee, and yet if you sang Folgers coffee’s familiar jingle to her  – “The best part of wakin’ up..” she’d finish it off without hesitating – “is Folgers in your cup.”

Yes indeed, Folgers’ self-proclaiming jingle has made its way into thousands of homes – whether coffee-drinkers or not. That 11-word song has every coffee-lover daydreaming of waking up a fresh cup of Folgers coffee. And we coffee-drinkers mean business. I can’t believe the amount of money per week that some of my friends spent in coffee shops.

Me, I’m more of a relaxed coffee-drinker. Running out the door, dashing to the coffee shop on the way to work is not my idea of a good start to a morning. I’d take waking up to a cup of fresh Folgers’ coffee over a mad dash to Starbucks any day.

With Christmas around the corner  and a family full of coffee-drinkers, Folgers coffee coupons – here I come! Finding Folgers coffee coupons is easier said than done. The first time I went looking, I ended up on a wild coffee coupon chase all over the web. So, to keep you from doing the same thing, I thought I’d list a couple of Folgers coffee coupons that I found worthwhile.

Folgers Coupons Located in Flyers

$1 off Folgers Coffee Coupon – I found this coupon in the No Frills Grocery flyer for this week you need to clip this one

$2.50 off Folgers Coupon – This one is located in the flyer for Publix weekly flyer


Online Printable Folgers Coupons

$2 off Folgers Coffee Coupon – This printable coupon will get you $2 off  and can be Folgers Coffee coupons 2012printed from home. You can find it at

$4 off Folgers K – Cups Coupon – This is an online Coupon for Folgers K – Cups and can be printed from You will need to fill out a short form before printing.

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