Dark Roast vs Light Roast Coffee

I’ve always been an avid coffee drinker, and despite my lack of knowledge of the differences between light and dark roast beans, my hand always reaches for the dark roast; however, during my trip to the grocery store earlier this week, my adventurous side decided that it was time for a change. Having no idea what to expect, I grabbed a container of Folger’s light roast that makes up to a whopping 90 cups- I’ve committed myself to giving it a fair chance! To my surprise, it was delicious- a light flavour, with mild citrus taste, and a dash of cinnamon.  Don’t get me wrong, dark roast is where my loyalty lies, but light roast is certainly a nice change. Many people are not thoroughly familiar with the differences between dark roast and light roast coffee and if you’re like me, I always associated dark roast to be of better, stronger quality and taste; however, one is not better than the other, it is simply a matter of personal taste.

Having a dark roast coffee just means that the coffee bean has been roasted to a higher temperature and usually for a longer period of time. On the other hand, a light roast coffee bean has been roasted in a lesser temperature for a shorter duration of time. When a coffee bean is roasted at higher temperatures, all of the flavour particles are burnt away and consumers may therefore not be able to identify the quality of the bean. A lighter roast is a better indication of the quality of the raw bean, showing confidence from the roaster in the excellence of their product.

Roasters have convinced the mass-market that dark roast coffee beans are a more rich and complex product in order to make it easier for themselves so that they do not have to face the challenge of continually producing superior quality beans. HOWEVER, this does not necessarily mean that a dark roast bean is of a poorer quality, it simply means you can’t detect its quality.

It is also reported that light roast beans generally hold 10% more caffeine than dark roast beans, so if it is the caffeine kick that you’re going for, I recommend a lighter roast bean!

The fact is that dark roast beans are more popular than light roast beans, but I say that if you haven’t tried it yet, next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a lighter roast coffee and experience it’s natural flavours!

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