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Make Starbucks Coffee at Home!

StarbucksI am so excited for this coupon.  I could probably blow a whole paycheck on Starbucks alone, but it is a hassle to go there, even the drive through as it is constantly packed.  I received a Keurig machine for Christmas and it hasn’t stopped brewing yet.  So Starbucks K Cups are heavenly for me, but we all know Starbucks prices, even at the grocery store.

This deal is from Walmart and it is $1.50 off any 1 box of Starbucks K Cups (10 ct or 16 ct)

K Cup Coupons June 2013

Today I have several K cup coupons for you for this month. K cups are great to have around the house and a wonderful way to just brew that one cup as needed. With the warmer weather you may not want to drink as much coffee so having the ability to just brew one cup at a time is perfect.

Our first coupon is for Starbucks K cups. This coupon is worth $1.50 when you purchase any one box of Starbucks K cups of a 10 – 16 count.

This one can be printed off from coupons.comstarbucksWalNext up is a coupon for Keurig Coffee which will save you $1.10 off your next purchase. You only need to purchase one box that holds a 12 count of K cups.

This coupon is available on the Coupon Network at:


If you are looking for Amazon coffee coupons this month then you will love the next coupon which I have for you.

AmazonSinglesYou can save 15% off of your purchase with this clippable coupon.  As with all Amazon coupons the discount will be applied during the checkout process. Clip this coupon at the following link:

The last coupon for this month is for Folgers K Cups.

FolgersThis coupon is worth $1.50 when you purchase any one package of Folgers Gourmet Selections K Cup packs at Walmart. You can clip this coupon at the following  here

You have a good selection of K cup coupons to choose from this month. This allows you to easily stock up on your favorite brands or try out some new ones.

K Cup Coupons for December 2012

Coffee machines are no doubt going to be a huge seller this Christmas and if you are planning on giving one as a gift you may want to use some K Cup Coupons to save some additional money. I did lots of searching to see what coupons are currently available for K cups and came up with the following:

Walmart has a Starbucks K Cup Coupon for December which you can see here:

You can save $1.50 off any one package of Starbucks K Cups.

Walmart also has a K Cup coupon for Folgers Gourmet Coffee which you can see below. This coupon will also save you $1.50 of any package.

The Folgers Gourmet Selections coupon is also available at:

Any of these coupons will help you save some money on either your own purchase of K cups this month or on those that are for gift giving. What is nicer than having a nice selection of different K cup choices available for your guests or yourself? This is also a great way to stock up and save so you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee during those snowy days in January.

Don’t forget to also check your local flyers and pullouts in your newspaper for any additional K cup coupons that might be offered. If I happen to find anymore I will post them here for you as well, so remember to check back in a few days just in case.