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Nescafe Coffee Coupons May 2013

Well May is finally here and summer is just around the corner. There is still some time before the kids are out of school so why not stock up on some coffee this month? Perfect for when you want to have that quiet cup of coffee while your kids are still sleeping.



The first coupon that I have for you this month is a Target coupon which you can print off by visiting this page:

This particular coupon is worth $1.50 off your purchase of any 1 jar of Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee. The jar must be a 7oz jar or larger. Instant coffee is great to have around the house for when you just want to have that one quick cup.

Next up is a coupon for Nescafe Memento and is available from the coupon network at:



As you can see this coupon is worth $1.50 when you buy any 2 boxes of Nescafe Memento. The required purchase does not show on the coupon. But when you go to print off the coupon, just hover your mouse on the image and the purchase requirement will be displayed.

No coffee is complete with using Nescafe Coffee Creamer and I have a coupon for that as well this month. This is available from Target and you can use the same link above to print this coupon off. You will save $1 when you purchase 2 select 10.2 oz or large of Coffee Mate creamers.


Currently these are the coffee coupons that I have found for you for May 2013. If I come across any more Nescafe coffee coupons then I will be sure to add them to this post.


Coffee Coupons April 2013 – Folgers, Nescafe and Starbucks

I found several single coupons and thought that I would post them altogether here on one page for. This way they should be easier for you to find.

Let’s start off with a coupon from Folgers. You can clip this coupon from Folgers Gourmet coupon from and as you can see it is worth a $1.00 savings from any Folgers Gourmet Selections. You must purchase a 10 oz bag or larger in order to redeem this coupon.


Nescafe is next with the following coupon for April 2013. You can print this coupon off from the Coupon Network at:

This coupon will save you $1.50 off your next purchase of any one box Nescafe Memento coffee. I love these coffees and will be sure to treat myself to at least one box this month!


Our next coffee coupon for April 2013 is from the ever popular Starbucks brand.

StarbucksWalThis is a Walmart coupon which can be found here:

You can save $1.00 off your purchase of any Starbucks Via when you buy at least one package of Starbucks Via ready to brew coffee of a 5 count or higher. If you love Starbucks coffee then this coupon is a great deal and one you will be sure to make good use of. Don’t forget to print it out and take it with you on your next trip to Walmart.

All of the above coffee coupons are valid during April 2013 and are perfect for anyone who prefers a more gourmet type of coffee. The ones that you make for yourself when no-one is around and when you have time to really enjoy the flavors.


Nescafe Coffee Coupons for November 2012

Nescafe is always a popular brand of coffee that people buy on a regular basis. For November 2012 I have found two coffee coupons for you for Nescafe coffee products. This Nescafe coupon is bought to you by the Coupon Network.  What I like about these specialty coffee beverage products is that they are just so convenient to use.  You simply mix them with boiling water and you have a wonderful tasting cup of coffee! Plus there are several flavors you can choose from. To use this coupon you will need to purchase two packages, so you might as well try out two different kinds!

You can print this coupon by visiting the following website:

The next Nescafe coupon is one for Taster’s Choice coffee and is good for use in all Target Stores. Grab your coupon here:

With this coupon you will need to buy any two Nescafe Taster’s Choice coffees. You can also use it to purchase Nescafe Clasico if you wish. Taster’s choice is a great coffee and I have used it as my breakfast choice many times.  I still like to have a coffee with more flavor for the weekend and will often choose a French Vanilla brand of coffee.  The weekend is a great time to sit down, relax and enjoy a great cup of one of the Nescafe Memento products. I try to do this after all the usual Saturday morning running is finished and I can finally take a little time for me.