Coffee Mate Coupons July 2012

Coffee Mate Coupons are still in effect for this month, July 2012. You can save $1.10 off of the Coffee Mate creamer on either the sugar free variety or the flavored creamers.

You can get your coupon by visiting the following link:

What I enjoy about using coffee mate creamers is that it is simply a wonderful way to liven up your regular. Plus you can enjoy a flavored hazelnut coffee, for example, without the expense of buying flavored coffee. Some flavored coffees can be really expensive and using creamers is much more affordable!

I love drinking coffee so I was really happy the other day to discover that coffee has some wonderful health benefits. Did you know that drinking coffee can actually help lower your risk of developing certain diseases? Mind you, this doesn’t mean you can start drinking coffee in excessive amounts! You still don’t want to overload on coffee, but it’s great to know that drinking coffee in appropriate amounts is considered okay! Too much of anything is going to have negative effects, so enjoy your coffee but be careful.

When you make your pot of coffee in the morning, make sure you only brew enough coffee for that morning. Fresh flavored coffee has the best flavor and when the coffee sits for too long the flavor begins to break down and lose its taste.

If your coffee is going to sit for more than an hour it is best to pour it into a thermos. This way it will stay tasty much longer.

Don’t forget to pick up your coffee mate creamer the next time you go shopping. Using these creamers are really the best way to add flavor to your coffee while keeping on budget.

Here’s the link again:


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