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My name is Heidi, I’m a primary school teacher and a mother of two amazing children. My children are my job, but I also enjoy swimming, tennis, collecting coupons and a good cup of coffee in the few hours of the day that I have to myself. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with collecting coupons because it allows are family to save money on groceries every month. This keeps us on budget which is very important as we currently only have one source of income.

I started coffeecouponsite.com to help share the coffee coupons I find every month. I also post  reviews on many types of coffee from both our readers and myself so if your interested in learning more about coffee or some different brands check out our coffee review page.

If you know of a coffee coupon I haven’t posted feel free to email me  crazycoupon(at)hotmail(dot)com and I’ll put it up for everyone else to take advantage of.


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  1. Rose Rundle says:

    Hello, I received a email for a free Coffee mate coupon is it available in Canada also if so could you send me the link. Thank you for your time Rose Rundle Nova Scotia Canada

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