Coffee Coupons for February!

Maxwell house coupons – February 2015

$1 off Maxwell House coupon February 2015

I’ve found a few new coupons for February for Maxwell House. I’ve included expiry dates and where you can find and redeem each coupon. If you have any problems with these let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

First up I used to find three Maxwell house coupons including:

  • $1 off Maxwell House Instant or International coffee coupon
  • $1 off Maxwell House Instant or International coffee couponĀ 
  • $1 off Maxwell House Single Serve K-cups coupon

For details including expiry dates and where you can find each please see table below!

Maxwell House Coupons Database FebruaryNext up I found a $1 off Maxwell House Instant coffee coupon similar to the one above at this one expires on the 25th of April 2015 so you’ve got over a month to print this one!$1 off Maxwell House coupon February 2015 Don’t forget to share any coffee coupons you find so that we can all take advantage of them, if we all work together it should make finding these coupons easy!


Folgers Ice Cafe Coupon – February 2015

Folgers Iced Cafe Coupon

I just found a Folgers coupon for this month that will save you 25% off your purchase. For full details check out my post below and don’t forget to share any coupons you’ve found for Folgers coffee with us, we always love the extra help!

  • Folgers Iced Cafe Coupon25% off Folgers Iced Cafe Coupon

This coupon expires on February 28th 2015 and can be found at it’s a target cartwheel coupon and has no cash value. You will have to have an account (which is free ) to get this coupon.

I’ll be adding more promotions and coupons as I find them. As you may know these one’s are hard to find so make sure you use them before they expire.

$3 plus Cartwheel Deal @ Target on K-Cups



Go to Target this weekend for your caffeine fix. You can save three dollars when you buy TWO packs of Archer Farms K-Cup Multipacks. There is also a Cartwheel offer right now for 5% off these packages as well.

  • $3 off TWO packs of Archer Farms KCup Multipacks
  • Save an additional 5% using the Cartwheel app
  • Don’t forget your Red Card too!

Get the printable coupon by going to